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Natural Bark

Deep in the heart of a sun-filtered forest there is the peace and beauty of tall, ancient trees. Silent witnesses to the secrets of time. Dappled light plays on their sturdy trunks and thick tufts of moss are randomly dotted across their natural bark, which is nature's own unique and beautiful woody design. And because nature knows best, Belgotex Floors has developed an inspiring carpet tile range for heavy commercial applications, called Natural Bark.

Natural Bark
Natural Bark
Non-Stocking Hoop Pine
Natural Bark
Non-Stocking Infusion Bark
Natural Bark
Non-Stocking Petrified Wood
Natural Bark
Non-Stocking Shell Bark
Natural Bark
Non-Stocking Shrubs
Natural Bark
Natural Bark
Tan Bark
Natural Bark
Wood Grain
Natural Bark

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Natural Bark

A Tufted Colour Placement range that is a Stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon) product, available with the dimensionally stable backing system, EOS BAC, which offers sound absorption and sound reduction properties, and is also environmentally friendly. The Natural Bark range is available in a variety of colourways, allowing you to bring the perfect nuances of natural tree bark - designed by nature itself – into the heart of your commercial environment.




Tufted Colour Placement

Fibre Type  

Stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon)

Recycled Content  

EOS Bac/NexBac Eco (on request only) & Certain Colours Only

Use Classification  

Heavy Commercial

Pile Height  

2.5mm to 6mm (± 0.5mm)

Total Thickness  

9mm (± 0.5mm)

Total Mass  


Standard Sizing  

50cm x 50cm***

Machine Gauge  


Stitches / 10cm  


Fire Index   2 (SANS 10177 – IV)
Colourfastness To:    
(i) Light   7 (ISO 105 – B02)
(ii) Rubbing   (a) Wet 4 – 5 (ISO 105 – X12)
Rubbing   (a) Dry 4 – 5 (ISO 105 – X12)
(iii) Water   4 – 5 (ISO 105 – E01)
Electrostatic Propensity   Less than 2.0 kV (ISO 6356 & EN 1307)
Static Control   Permanent
VOC Tested   Passed

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