Tufted patterned carpets in practically any design and colour combination imaginable are now available from Belgotex for the hospitality and leisure sectors.


Tuftweave enables the designer, architect or decorator to turn any design, from "doodles" to fabric swatches, into customised patterned carpets directly comparable with Axminster or Wilton patterned carpets. Thanks to the sophisticated pattern tufting technology, Tuftweave can produce the simplest or most complex designs and patterns previously only achievable by weaving.

Offering unlimited pattern permutations, with up to six different colour combinations from a controlled colour palette of 50 interchangeable SDX colours, and 300 complimentary colours. Tuftweave overcomes previous design limitations of conventional carpets, giving imagination and creativity free reign.

Start from scratch or restyle and/or recolour any existing pattern or image to turn your vision into reality.
Refer to the design/pattern catalogue with over 150 designs divided into six different design categories for inspiration:

  • Floral – from single stem flowers and trees to bouquets and bushes of foliage or natural flora, we take the latest floral fashion off the catwalk onto the carpet.
  • Ethnic -celebrate wildlife and cultural identities with skins and colourful prints and patterns, perfect for game lodges, African or rural themes.
  • Geometric – linear and graphic, striking and dramatic, get the latest geometric shapes and sizes from pinstripe to chevron, rectangular to square or holographic circles.
  • Classic – evergreen, elegant and subtle patterns for the more traditional or conservative approach, designed to stand the test of time.
  • Contemporary – bold and beautiful, modern and sophisticated, these chic and trendy designs will make a stylish statement.
  • Borders/Corridors– frame your flooring, edge your carpet or demarcate large expanses of floors or corridors with a variety of creative borders or corridors.
  • 50 Custom Colours

Change the colour combinations or placement in any design from a range of eighteen popular SDX shades to match any colour scheme or palette.
Select up to six different colours in a single carpet for personalised pattern and colourways designed to suit any corporate identity or theme.
For fully customised orders, the 50 colours can be extended to the whole SDX yarn colour bank, provided the order meets minimum quantity requirements.

The Stainproof SDX yarn is UV- and stain-resistant ensuring carpet colours stay vibrant and colourfast, without fading or discolouring when treated with harsh cleaning chemicals or exposed to direct sunlight.

Tuftweave is SEMI-stocked in that the finished yarn rather than the finished product is held in stock. This enables fast-tracking of custom orders through the production process.


View Tuftweave Catalogue Here


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